Syngas Energy Holdings
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Health & Safety

The safety and well-being of our employees and neighbors are very important to us. We believe, our employees are our greatest asset, and we are COMMITTED to creating an environment conducive to a Safe and Healthy Workplace through education, training, and programs. We will strive to achieve a ZERO ACCIDENT CULTURE.


Environmental stewardship is the core value at Syngas Energy. We strive to lessen environmental impact by minimizing the production of waste and emission. We believe environmental stewardship is the responsibility of all employees. To achieve our objective and to protect the surrounding environment, we will:


  •  Strive to continually improve our HSE Management system.


  •  Proactively identify hazardous and unsafe behaviors and take reasonable measures to mitigate such situations.


  •  Continually strive to improve environmental performance.


  •  Efficiently use our natural physical resources.


  •  Design, build, maintain, and operate our assets with a goal of minimizing environmental incidents.


  •  Require commitment from other stakeholders such as our contractors and business partners, similar commitment to Health, Safety, and high standard of environmental performance.

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Want to know more about emergency preparedness? Please contact us.


We strive to improve the performance of Health and Safety, environmental protection, product safety, and logistics through open, continuous dialog with employees, neighbors, and the public. For us, product stewardship means ensuring the safe handling of methanol and other chemicals throughout the life cycle of our product; from before the manufacturing process through storage, loading and transportation.

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