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Syngas Energy Holdings LLC, was formed in 2012 to develop, build and operate alternative energy projects using both renewable and fossil fuels. Its first project is a methanol plant. It is strategically located on the banks of the Mississippi River in St. James Parish, LA and is connected to pipelines for supply of feed stocks. In this plant, methanol will be produced using natural gas, a resource abundantly available in the State of Louisiana.

Natural Resources

Syngas Energy is dedicated to being a company respected and admired by the community for its innovation, safety, environmental stewardship, investment in employees and for enriching the quality of life in the communities we operate.  


To this end we shall:


•  Operate our plant safely, efficiently and in an environmentally responsible manner


•  Health and wellbeing of our employees are utmost importance to us.  We shall constantly enhance the skills and knowledge of our employees through training and improved work environment


•  We shall respect and protect the surrounding environment in the interest of our surrounding community and stakeholders

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